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Girls be ambitious!

Girls be ambitious!
Romanized Name Girls be ambitious!
English Name Girls be ambitious!
Writer Sarari Matsubara (onetrap)
Composer/Arranger SHOW (Digz, Inc. Group)
First Appearance
Game Part 1
Anime Pretty☆Sexy★Honey Cat!
Singer Maika from BEST FRIENDS!
Single/Album Name Second Color: YELLOW
Single/Album Release August 22, 2018
Publisher Lantis

Girls be ambitious! is a song that debuted in Part 1 of the Data Carddass Aikatsu Friends! series and in Episode 10 of the anime.


Short Ver.

oh oh oh...

Otonappoi tte yoku iwareru kedo
Mada kodomo chotto tokushita kibun
Mujaki datte chitto mo okashikunai shi
Senobi shita tte pittari to hamaru no

Sā kokoro ni shitagatte yukou wakidasu music
Daiji nano wa challenge seishin switch ireru one scene

Zutto kon'na tōshindai suki na fuku de
Hokorashiku odorō hitamuki ni tsutaeyō
Atsuku atsuku floor narashite lace yurashite

Mainichi ga Brand-New-World sō It's a showtime!
Tama ni wa amaeru son'na no mo in janai?
Butai de wa nandatte dekiru
Sakebu yōna shunkan wo matteru

Tip tap tip tap tap jōnetsu kanjite
Rhythm ni wa ondo ga aru
Tip tap tip tap tap tension agete
Tap ni wa kodō ga aru

oh oh oh...

oh oh oh・・・

まだ子供 ちょっと得した気分

さあ 心に従って行こう 湧き出すミュージック
大事なのはチャレンジ精神 スイッチ入れるワンシーン

Years & Years(ずっと)こんな等身大 好きな服で
誇らしく踊ろう ひたむきに伝えよう
熱く熱く フロア鳴らして レース揺らして

毎日がBrand-New-World そうIt's a showtime!
たまには甘える そんなのもいんじゃない?
舞台では 何だってできる
叫ぶような 瞬間を待ってる

チップタップ チップタップタップ 情熱感じて
チップタップ チップタップタップ テンション上げて

oh oh oh...

oh oh oh...

I get told often that I seem like an adult
But I'm still a kid, so it gives me a bit of an edge
It isn't strange to see me act innocent
Yet when I put on heels, they fit me perfectly

Now, follow your heart as the music starts to flow
It's important to have a challenger's spirit, so turn the switch to that one scene

Years and years from now, let's stay as we are, wearing our favorite clothes
We'll dance proudly, earnestly conveying our feelings
Burning hotter, step on the floor and let your lace sway about

Every day's a brand new world - that's right, it's showtime!
I may act spoiled sometimes, but isn't that just fine?
On the stage, you can do anything you want
The moment for you to scream and shout is waiting

Tip tap tip tap tap, feel the passion
The rhythm holds the heat
Tip tap tip tap tap, increase the tension
The tap holds the beat

Full Ver.



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