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"Let the curtains of my fest rise!"

– Maika before her performance

Maika Chōno
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Maika uniform render

Kanji 蝶乃舞花
Romaji Chōno Maika
Gender Female
Age 13-14
Birthday August 8
Occupation Student
Affiliation Star Harmony Academy
Honey Cat
Blood Type O
First Appearance
Data Carddass Game Part 1
Anime The Invincible Love Me Tear☆ (cameo)
Just Like a Butterfly, Maika! (debut)
Seiyū/Singer Karen Miyama

Maika Chōno (蝶乃舞花) is a main character of the Aikatsu Friends! series. She is a student of the idol division at Star Harmony Academy. Maika is a sexy-type idol whose preferred brand is Dancing Mirage. Along with Ema Hinata, the two are a part of Honey Cat.



Maika has fair skin and slanted blue eyes. Her curled, pink-violet hair is worn loose with an amount of it pulled into a bun on the right of her head. A pearl chain hangs from this with a tiny gold butterfly charm and a droplet gem. She has thick layered bangs with an off-center split and a few loose strands. Her curled forelocks are chest-length.


Maika is a mysterious and cool girl who is known to have an adult-like charm with dignity, leaving others with a sexy impression.

Deep down inside, she is a very hot-blooded and passionate girl, born from her love for festivals since she was young.



Tamaki is Mio, Aine, Maika and Ema's manager.


Chōno (蝶乃) - Chō () means butterfly and no () is a Chinese character used as a possessive particle, now only used in personal names. Together, her surname can mean "of the butterflies".

Maika (舞花) - Mai () means dance and ka () means flower.


  • "Did you think this would be a piece of cake? Save your cake for dessert!"
"Oh? Isn't this getting exciting."

– Maika's catchphrase


  • She is 160cm tall.
  • Her star sign is Leo.
    • Her birthday, August 8th, is known as Butterfly Day in Okinawa, Japan, as the number 8 resembles a butterfly when sideways.
    • She shares her birthday with Haruka☆Ruka from the Aikatsu Stars! series.
  • Her favorite activity is going to festivals.
  • Her favorite food is dango.
  • She is afraid of ghosts and heights.
  • Her specialties are dance and boxercising.
  • In her daily life, she's passionate about supporting local soccer teams.
  • Maika resembles Laura Sakuraba from the Aikatsu Stars! series.
    • Both have pink hair that curls.
    • Both have blue eyes.
  • She shares her voice actress with Ichika Usami from KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode.


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